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Double Glazing Repairs

Montrose Glass can tackle any issue to do with double glazed windows.

Whether the unit has misted up, the pane is cracked, or the unit fails to shut properly, our team can take care of all these matters and many more. We work across the UK, from London to Manchester and, our products come with a five year guarantee as well! If you want added security, we can also offer a ten year, insurance backed version.

If you have experienced excessive mist or a cracked pane on your household windows, you will need to have a new unit tailor-made. In these situations, we will send an expert in double glazing repairs to measure the unit that is broken. They will then return with a duplicate in 3 to 5 working days. In emergencies, we can make and fit the broken unit within 24 hours with our express order service.

While waiting for a new unit, here are a few suggestions. If both sides are shattered, glaze a board over the top. Alternatively, build a sub-frame and board up the window. If only one side is broken, use some safety film to hold the glass together. You can also de-glaze the shattered side, leaving the other in place.

If you like, we can install a new unit with toughened tinted glass, specialist solar films and low-e materials. In addition to double glazed window repairs, these features will also improve insulation and provide added UV protection for your household.

Thanks to our extensive supplier network, we can find it, make it and fit it, wherever you are in the UK. As well as carrying out the necessary repairs, we can also install hinges, locks and handles on your household windows. If you require obsolete stock or a custom-made feature, our contractors will do their best to help.