Are Cat Flaps Becoming A New Trend?

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Britain’s pets are among the most highly pampered and well-treated in the world, with billions of pounds spent each year on toys, accessories and cleaning services. The needs of a cat flap have also changed, and it seems to be an ever-popular addition to UK pet-owners’ homes.

While the concept of a cat flap has been around for many years, the places they could be installed was previously restricted. However, with improved cutting and fitting techniques, combined with the many years of experience gathered by us at Montrose Glass, this has changed. Today cat flaps are installed in wooden doors, uPVC doors and even windows, something which seemed impossible decades ago.

Here at Montrose Glass, we install cat flaps in an increasing variety of spaces, and we’ve seen how far along cat flaps have come over the years.

What Is A Cat Flap?

A cat flap is a small opening in a window or door that allows our feline friends to freely go in and out. Typically consisting of an opening with a hinged flap across it, the cat can push its way through from either side. More advanced models are available on the market that can read your cat’s microchip, allowing only your cat into your home and blocking uninvited members to the feline party. This is also available with magnets fitted to the cat’s collar, which activates the locking mechanism on the flap.

Where Are Cat Flaps Installed?

Adding to this rising trend of cat flap technology, the places a cat flap can be installed have also improved. Previously, a cat flap would be a hole in a wooden door or perhaps built into a brick wall. Today we can now install cat flaps in nearly any window surface or door, so the options open to our customers are endless. We can cut the required hole into a window, and we offer toughened glass panels that can help to reinforce high-traffic areas.

While it’s possible to install cat flaps into double-glazed windows and reinforced uPVC doors, we recommend buying specific panels for this to ensure the door and window remains sealed and secured. We offer a huge choice of domestic glazing so feel free to discuss this with us when you come to book an appointment.

Improved Installation Methods

Our industry has changed a lot in the 20 years Montrose Glass has been in business, but we’ve maintained only the highest levels of service. Using highly qualified, experienced glaziers local to you, we can install your cat flap with a focus on professionalism and quality.

As a result, the expected time for installation is three to five days (even faster if you opt for our express service), making it far quicker and easier to provide your cat with a passage than it has ever been. What’s more, our prices are among the most competitive in the industry so installing a cat flap is much more affordable- get in touch today for a quote to find out for yourself!

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