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Cat Flap Fitted in Double Glazed Door

When having a pet at home, you must take into consideration its needs and install some things that will make pet’s stay in your home as pleasant as possible. Pet owners find it irritating to open the door for their pets, especially cats, all the time so that the cat can go in and out. Inspired by the needs of the cat owners, our company is installing cat flap fitters, so that you and also your pet can be satisfied and have a pleasant time at home.

Montrose Glass is a company that provides the services of glazing, glazing repairs, double glazing, double glazing repairs and installation of a cat flap fitter. Our company is a family business and as pet owners, we understand the needs of our clients and also the needs of our pets. Just because of the fact that Montrose Glass is a well-established family business we are focused on the real-life values such as honesty, loyalty, hard-work, politeness, and making our clients satisfied with the service we provide.

Cat Flap Fitter for Glass Doors or Windows

Our cat flap fitter experts can install cat flap fitter in your household onto almost any door or window surface. We provide our service in the UK, so our team of qualified technicians is at your disposal. Our company offers nothing but the best for our clients, so every service we provide to our clients is a quality service done in a professional manner. Quality comes before anything else, so because of it, we offer a five-year guarantee on our double-glazed products. For added protection, a ten year, insurance backed guarantee can also be included.

Installation of Cat Flap

When it comes to the installation of cat flap fitters into your doors or windows, it is necessary to order a doubled glazed unit (DGU) which is made-to-measure with all holes pre-cut prior to installation. Existing double glazing cannot be modified like this, especially if the unit is already toughened. With regards to UPVC panels, we can only cut a hole directly into the door provided it is free from ridges or fancy designs. Furthermore, our fitters cannot cut into UPVC panels that are reinforced with steel. In both of these cases, you will need to order a panel that has a hole already pre-cut.
When it comes to installation of cat flap fitter on single glazed household windows, we usually cut a hole directly into the glass. However, Montrose recommends you hire one of our cat flap fitters to install a toughened glass panel instead for added safety and security for your household.

Feel free to ask our agents for anything that interests you or to consult with us if you have any doubts. You can discuss your problems and your requirements with us at 0800 888 6123 for a free consultation, to get an instant quote, and to book a glazier callout. You can also contact us via email at

Don’t worry about your glazing problems and about cat flap fitter installation – we are the solution for all of them!