How To Prepare Your Home And Cat For A New Cat Flap Fitting

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So, you’re preparing your home and cat for a new cat flap fitting. But what planning is required to make sure your new cat flap in glass door is utilised? Whilst some four-legged friends will be more sceptical about a new cat flap fitting than others, there are ways to effectively prepare your cat for their new home entrance and exit. In this blog post, we’ll explore how.

Our Top Tips For Installing Cat Flaps

 A cat flap fitting is useful addition to your home and, with the option to have a single, double-glazed, UPVC, or wood door cat flap fitted, you can ensure yours naturally blends into the aesthetic of your home. Here at Montrose Glass, we typically install a cat flap in glass door in up to 5 working days which includes the initial measurement, to the completion of your new cat flap fitting. What’s more, our expert team will leave your cat flap installation site exactly how they found it, clean and tidy, ensuring it can be utilised right away.


Make Sure Your Cat Is Comfortable With The New Cat Flap

 Making sure your cat is comfortable with the new cat flap in UPVC door is key. Before installing it, consider putting your cat’s food and water near to where you are planning to get it installed. This way, your cat is more likely to associate the cat flap with a reward. However, most cats are naturally curious and will likely investigate the cat flap on their own in time so don’t be discouraged if your cat doesn’t use its new microchip cat flap right away. Even small changes like this can take time to get used to!


Assign Your Cat Properly To Your Microchip Cat Flap

 A microchip cat flap is a great solution for cat-owners for a variety of reasons. In addition to enabling selective entry that only allows cat with a registered microchip to enter your home, it increases the security of your property. A microchip cat flap also provides your cat with greater freedom to roam as they please – something all cats enjoy!


Following your cat flap fitting, it’s important to assign your cat properly to your microchip cat flap as soon as possible. This way, your cat can enjoy coming and going from installation, giving you peace of mind knowing that your cat can go about its day freely and your home is secure.


Install Your Cat Flap On A Dry Day

Importantly, it’s recommended to install your cat flap on a dry day. Not only will this ensure your new cat flap is installed properly but will also ensure it’s completely watertight. This way, you don’t have to fret about unwanted rainwater seeping into your home, leaving watermarks on the floors and walls or causing further damage. Installing your cat flap on a dry day also ensures your cat can instantly use its new cat flap, helping them to quickly adapt to their latest home addition.


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So, if you are seeking the professional installation of a microchip cat flap, get in touch with the expert team at Montrose Glass. We provide a range of cat flap fitting services, ensuring both your home and cat remain safe and sound. Simply contact us on 01702 967345 or request a callback on our website today!

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