Cat Flap Installation

Montrose Glass can handle more than just window repairs, our expert glaziers can also fit cat flaps in glass doors and units like UPVC or timber – basically, we can provide cat flap installation anywhere in your home!

Most of our customers want cat flap installation into toughened double glazed doors or units. This isn’t quite possible because you can’t cut into toughened or double glazing once the manufacturing process is complete without it shattering. This means you can’t install cat flaps in glass doors or windows without replacing the unit. Get in touch for one of our expert glaziers to talk you through the process of how a cat flap is fitted and how we can still help or keep reading to learn more:

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How Are Cat Flaps Fitted In Glass or Doors?

Our cat flap fitters will cut the required holes into normal float glass as the cut needs to be bespoke for the product. This is followed by cutting glass to the correct size for the unit. The glass is then toughened and strengthened in the oven to make it strong and durable.

Once the glass has been toughened and has the pre-cut holes at the correct size, our cat flap fitters will then use these two pieces of glass to manufacture a double glazed unit. And just like that – your bespoke unit is ready for cat flap installation and fitting at your property.

Typically, this process takes around a week for measuring, making and fitting, before the cat flap installation can begin. With wood or UPVC, we can normally cut the holes immediately on site as long as the surfaces are flat. In the case of a decorative UPVC panel, we would suggest replacing it with a flat panel with the required cut-outs. If you are looking to install a cat flap in glass doors or units that are single glazed, we strongly recommend that the glass is toughened before fitting.

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What Are Microchip Cat Flaps?

Microchip cat flaps by SureFlap are an excellent way to ensure that only your cat can enter your home. The cat’s microchip acts as an electronic door key as they enter and leave your property. SureFlap microchip cat flaps have another chip within them that detects your pets as they try to go through. If the microchip cat flap identifies your cat, the flap will automatically unlock and allow your cat in, but if another animal tries, it will deny access.

These innovative cat flaps mean that you will only ever see your cat coming and going from your home. This is especially ideal if you aren’t at home, giving you peace of mind that you won’t have any unexpected visitors.

As with all our services, our expert team would be glad to help you with your cat flap installation that makes you feel safe in your home. We can install microchip cat flaps in glass, doors and domestic glazing units, as standard.

Which Cat Flap Is Best For You?

We are more than happy for you to choose your own cat flap which we can fit as required. If you are looking for a more advanced product, then our cat flap fitters can provide a four-way locking cat flap. Alternatively, you can choose a product from the SureFlap range as we are approved suppliers of SureFlap pet doors. So, whether you would like to choose your own cat flap or would prefer our expert team provide one, we have got everything covered when it comes to cat flap installation.

There are so many companies to choose from, so how do you know who is reputable? Well, here at Montrose Glass we have a number of accreditations which include British Standard Safe Contractor and Guild of Master Craftsmen. This means that you can rest assured that our cat flap fitters will complete the job to the best possible standard.

We are proud to provide cost effective cat flap installations that can be trusted. To talk through the process or to get a quote for your job, speak to our glazing experts today!

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Client Testimonials

See some testimonials provided by some of our previous customers. As you can tell from our testimonials we have very happy customers and this is because we are members of the Guild of Master Craftsmen and focus on delivering a quality and cost effective service.

Our Team
Superb service. The guys were out on time and the job was completed within an hour, including a full clean up. Would definitely use again.
Russell Haselhurst
Our Team
We used Montrose Glass for a construction project in London recently. They were fantastic. Service was great, as was the workmanship. The 2 glaziers are a credit to the company. Also, they turned up and carried out the works during heavy snowfall without complaint. We would definitely recommend them.
Christine S
Our Team
I needed to get some work done for quite a while on my house, but kept putting it off - after a couple of calls to Montrose Glass I felt comfortable discussing it and they made it so easy and simple that I\'ve decided to get it all sorted. Great service and I have already got them quoting my mums house and will have no worries referring them on in the future.
Tom Bell