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Bespoke Mirrors, Tabletops & Furniture

Breaking a mirror, tabletop or any glasswork in your home or at your commercial property does not have to be 7 years bad luck. Here at Montrose Glass, we are professional glaziers. This means we can handle more than just window repairs, or emergency glazing in your local area we are actually master craftsmen, able to manufacture bespoke mirrors according to your designs, glass table top replacements, repairs and create new feature pieces to show off in your home or commercial property.

Glasswork and mirrors can be a fantastic statement and a standout design that suits your property, whether that’s an ornate design for bespoke mirrors or a sophisticated, custom piece or table top replacements for your commercial conference room. Whatever the design, piece or setting, you can get in touch with the expert team of glaziers to discuss your ideas or to book in for one of our team to visit you.

Although our vans are fully stocked, we are not able to carry around all the materials for mirrored glass furniture or more unique requests. In fact, some materials cannot be cut on site, such as 4 – 6 mm silver, which is popular for bespoke mirrors. One of our glaziers will be able to attend your site to measure to ensure your bespoke mirror or glasswork can be precisely fitted.

We will then be able to advise on a lead time to install your new piece. A typical order will require 3 -5 days. Some of our mirrors are available within 24 – 48 hours with a rush delivery.

Commercial Mirrored Glass Furniture & Designs

Montrose Glass work with local glaziers, but first and foremost we are a team of experts. We can consult and provide bespoke mirrors for commercial properties, such as gyms, hotels, bars and so much more.

We know that accidents happen, and you might need to replace a bespoke mirror pane or mirrored glass furniture. Our team can be on hand to ensure your business always looks professional with premium installations and designs.

More options for commercial glazing projects:

  • Frameless glass doors
  • Display cabinets
  • Backsplashes
  • Artwork
  • Counter tops
  • Signage
  • Refurbishment works

Glass Table Top Replacements & Refurbishments

A glass table top can protect antique or sentimental pieces of furniture and also helps to provide a luxe look for your home. Due to the nature of the pieces, glass table top replacements will usually need to be custom-cut. For domestic properties, we also provide splashbacks, shower doors, mirrored glass furniture and home bars.

Bespoke Glass & Mirrors from Montrose

Bespoke mirror and glass orders usually required toughened glass. This will need to be cut to size and then put through a kiln to temper it. It cannot be cut beforehand (and thus, on site) because it becomes volatile and would break violently. Typically, toughened glass is available from 6mm to 19mm and beyond.

The edges can be polished for smooth, sleek appearance or some intricate detail or cut outs can be added. This means that bespoke mirrors can be customised even further to suit your needs and your home’s style. This can be practical too, for example, a splashback quite often needs a cut out for a plug socket or other fixtures.

You can enquire with the team here at Montrose Glass to discuss your project or job. We will be able to order the materials required if confirmation of measurements are sent to us via email or fax.