Weatherproofing Your Cat Flap: Tips For All Seasons

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We all want to best for our pets. But when it comes to cats, providing them with easy access indoors and outdoors is paramount. After all, cats seek to explore and roam freely! That’s why ensuring your cat flap is fully weatherproof is so important, not only for your furry friend’s safety but also for the protection of your home. In this blog post, we explain more about how to weatherproof your cat flap for all seasons and the advantages of an insulated cat flap and draft proof cat flap.


What Are Cat Flap Covers?

Cat flat covers are designed to cover cat flaps when they are not in use, helping to control access, prevent drafts, and, importantly, improve security. They are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes to meet the needs of your cat flap and requirements.


Top 3 Qualities Your Cat Flaps Need!

All the best draught proof cat flats have these 3 qualities in common:


  1. Weatherproof: The first step when selecting cat flat covers is to ensure it is weatherproof. While most cat flap covers are designed to withstand various weather conditions including the wind, rain, and extreme heat, it’s important to ensure your selected product provides the required protection.
  2. Security: Additionally, when reviewing different cat flap covers on the market, select one that has a secure lock. Doing so will ensure your home remains safe from potential thieves, while allowing your cat to enter and exit with ease.
  3. Durability: It’s likely that your cat will use your cat flap throughout the day, so it’s important to ensure your selected cat flap covers are made from robust materials that offer longevity and reliability.


Insulated Cat Flap

An insulated cat flap is designed to provide greater thermal efficiency and weather resistance compared to standard cat flap covers that are available online. This is because an insulated cat flap is designed to prevent heat loss during the winter and retain cool ai in the summer. For homeowners, this helps to reduce energy costs associated with either heating or cooling your home.

At Montrose Glass, our cat flap fitter experts are equipped to fit and secure your cat flap to ensure no heat unwantedly escapes your home. At the same time, our installation methods also ensure no cold air can enter your home, maintaining the home temperature you desire without paying additional fees to achieve it. Contact us to find out more.


Best Draught Proof Cat Flap

The correct method of cat flap installation is key to ensure your cat flap provides the desired protection. For many, this means waterproofing the cat flap to prevent any water from entering the home which could potentially cause damage to floors and walls. This ultimately helps avoid expensive fixes while still ensuring your cat can explore freely.


Microchip Cat Flap Covers

Microchip cat flat covers are designed with a microchip reader installed. The benefit is that they only enable authorised pets to enter or exit the property through a registered microchip. Ultimately, this ensures that any unwanted guests are unable to get access to your home, offering greater peace of mind.


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