When To Call A Locksmith?

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The maintenance of locks is often one of those household jobs that gets overlooked and forgotten about. Compromised locks, both for windows and doors, can impact the security of your entire home or business. If you are concerned about any lock, call Montrose Glass. Our professional, strategically located locksmiths can assess and strengthen the security of your property, just get in touch for a call out! If you want to check if you need a locksmith, keep reading:

When You’re Struggling To Open Your Windows and Doors

Does your key feel stuck in the lock? Is it hard to turn? Is the lock not engaging properly? These are all signs that your lock needs repairing, especially if the lock is preventing the window or door from opening or functioning properly. Locks can wear over time as a result of warping frames and forceful use of the lock. These issues are fire hazards and maintaining your locks will keep your property secure from the outside but will also manage health and safety concerns for your family and customers, too.

If you are experiencing issues with your lock, excessive force over time can damage the key and the lock mechanism. This can result in the key breaking in the lock. We know it’s so frustrating and the knee-jerk reaction is to apply brute force, but calling a local locksmith is the best option! They will be equipped with both the knowledge and specific tools to help you out and make your property safe again!

When You Experience A Break In

No matter how your home or business was targeted, a break in is extremely distressing and can make you fear for the safety of your belongings, not to mention your family. Montrose Glass can help fix any smashed windows as well as replacing locks in compromised or jeopardized doors. Our making safe service strives to restore your confidence, control and security in your home. We recommend calling an emergency locksmith to replace all locks if you have experienced an intruder. This will ensure that the burglar cannot get back in if they have stolen keys whilst at your property and can prevent further crimes.

Similarly, garages and outbuildings are frequent targets for break ins as they are easy targets and often have old, outdated locks. Montrose Locksmiths can make any property safe and install new garage door locks, too.

If there has been no sign of forced entry it is imperative you have all your locks replaced. This could be a previous resident of the property, former employee of the business or anyone else with access to the property.

When You Move To A New Home

As above, a former resident of any property may have kept hold of a key. To prevent any foul play or unwanted entries, you should call a locksmith as soon as you move into a new home or new commercial property. Quality locksmiths will also be able to assess the safety of the property, surveying doors and windows to ensure the property is not vulnerable. We know lock replacement is something that many new homeowners forget about in all the excitement, but it can be critical to keeping your home safe!

Emergency Locksmith Services

The obvious times to call out a locksmith is when you are locked out of your home! Our response time is 30-90 minutes for all our emergency services! You must remember not to force the lock or force entry to your own home as you can cause even more damage.

Call Montrose Glass whenever you are in a situation on this list. Remember our locksmith services are available nationwide!



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