4 Latest Ways To Stop Burglars From Targeting Your Home

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Police and authorities say that there are two kinds of burglar – career and impulsive. Impulsive break-ins will take advantage of opportunities and vulnerabilities that can be preventable. Career criminals and those who have experience breaking into a property are more likely to evaluate a good or bad target first.

Signs Your Property Has Been Targeted By A Burglar

  • New or unusual markings on your property.  Even if you think it’s just a random act of graffiti, some marks can inform other thieves of how vulnerable your property is and even the contents to be had.
  • A randomly busted handle on doors or windows. This will usually indicate that there has been an attempt on your home or business.
  • Repeat junk mail or take-away menus. This seems to be a new technique and is a way of testing if you are away from your property. Usually it will mean that your home is considered worth breaking into.
  • People monitoring your home or sitting outside for long periods of time.

Stop Posting On Social Media

If your property is already a target, burglars will know how to find out if you are away. Start post dating your social media posts to ensure any criminals following your social media are not made aware that your home is vacant. Those who photograph their new home when they get the keys are also being targeted because criminals know the location and that items are likely to be left unattended. Many influencers and those who make their living on social media have started ‘later-gramming’ their content to protect their location and their properties. Alternatively, if you just can’t resist sharing your holiday snaps, don’t use location tags. You can always update your posts when you are home!

Prepare Your Windows

Single glazed windows are easier to smash into and it is well worth upgrading to double glazing units throughout the whole property. Another trick is to apply lubricant to your most vulnerable window seals (i.e. those on the ground floor or above a low roof). This makes it harder for burglars to gain traction and breach your property. Whilst damage might have been done to your window or door, no belongings will be taken. If you use this tac-tic, you will need to call an emergency boarding up service as soon as you have notified the authorities. You should also note, that if you have a guard dog or a furry member of the family, a burglar may take advantage of poorly installed cat or dog flaps. It is imperative you call a professional to install these items as DIY-attempts may look weak and can be easily broken or crawled through. It is also worth looking at high-tech dog and cat flaps that can be synced with your pet’s collar.

Strengthen Your Locks

This may seem like the most simplistic way to prevent being burgled, but it is often overlooked. Many opt for cheap locks that come with their shop-bought, mass-produced doors and windows. Unfortunately, this means there can be a master key or an increased chance that someone has a copy of your key. It is also imperative to change your locks when you move into a new property. A professional lock smith or an expert glazier will be able to survey your property and assess vulnerabilities and implement upgrades to your units.

Use Home-Technology Whilst Your Away

People are no longer fooled by leaving the same light out whilst you are out or away. In 2019, apps like Hive and Home Connect mean you can control the heating and technology in your property, remotely. If your home is set up effectively, you can vary the lights you use to deter break ins. This will appear more natural to burglars monitoring your property. Alternatively, hook your home technology up with a stereo or a recording of a dog barking. This may seem excessive, but it is certainly effective. For more information on how to improve your home security, get in touch with a member of the expert team at Montrose Glass. We’re not just glazing experts, we have a network of locksmiths and cat-flap installers, too!
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